Flexible pcb's and Cables
Flexible PCB'S and Cables, a quintessential tool used in printers as well as in other electronic industries, was difficult to obtain in the marketplace earlier. To bridge this need Printland sourced suppliers for building such flexible PCB's and Cables. According to it's need. Later, they went ahead by establishing a direct link with the manufacturers of this critical component to help avail customers of this necessity as per their requirement. Now Printland has come a long way in it's ventureā€¦

They make custom-built Flexi cables in all types of printers and other applications. And offer these developed samples within a very short span from it's confirm order.

As a measure for stringent quality control, they test the manufactured cables on specific jigs and fixtures, made distinctly for each of the cables. This simply to ensure the best quality behind the product. Time and again.
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