Print Head Reconditioning
The most expensive consumable in dot matrix is its print head that requires to be replaced after a year or two that depends on the make of the model. In case of a new print head, there's no warranty from the supplier. And the cost of the new print head is approximately 30% of the original printer cost. Which is very expensive.

At V.V Printland, you can refurbish your printer-head at 30%, 40% and in some specific cases even 50% cheaper than the new print-head along-with a standard warranty and an excellent service backup by expert technicians from its In-house service station.

Engineers at V.V Printland also carried out an extensive research & development in the last five years for the re-manufacturing of Dot Matrix print heads which led them to another affiliation: development of various components such as guides, guide-base, pins, jigs, fixtures, nozzles, and other special purpose tools, Pin brazing machine, and Spot welding machine needed in the refurbishing field of the printer head.

What's more, engineers at their service station maintain a history-card for each print head to keep a quality check on its performance. And more importantly to check their own quality of workmanship. To match it with your standards of satisfaction. Always.

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