Toner and cartidge refiling
Refilling Save up to 60% of your printing cost.

Refilling is all about refilling of empty cartridges with new Ink & Toner powder & replacing with some new components. This enables the cartridge to be reused, saving the cost of a complete new cartridge and prevents the disposal of the old one too.

As with Inkjet & Laser printing become increasingly expensive due to the high costs of the original printing consumables. And after providing effective environment friendly cost saving solutions for Inkjet & Laser printing, with the added new service to our customer.

REFILLING  solutions by V.V.Printland  are one of the most international  methods to recycle all popular Hp, Canon, Lexmark, Samsung, Epson & Xerox Inkjet & Laser Cartridges, black & colour. With this  expertise, We  came with one of the most versatile & technical Solution Providers available today for quality  recycling of cartridges.

This system of operation results in reduction of costs compared to original consumables and a fool-proof method that can be repeated on the cartridge many times over.

The process is environmentally friendly since it reuses the original cartridges, saving money up to 60% for both individuals and organizations.

This reiterates our commitment to saving your money and protecting our environment.
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